Short film


Length: 13 minutes

Language : French

Shooting period: 2019

Release period: 2020

Executive Production: Woooz Pictures

In co-production with: Geppert Productions (Germany),, La Vie Enchanté (France)

With the support of : Domaine de Fangouse, Domaine de Causse 34, Tielles Sophie Cianni & Co

With the technical support of: Occitanie Films


Therese lives alone in her house in the Camargue. She raises horses and bulls. 


Pierre, a young man in his thirties, introduces himself to her; he is looking for an internship with the horses. Who recommended this stable to him? A guy named Pablo. 


Thérèse shuddered when she heard this name: her son, whom she never saw again because his spouse had kidnapped him after his birth, bore this name. Pierre confirms: his roommate introduced himself as his son. 


Thérèse may be very ill, but she accepts this intern, hoping to learn more about her son.

Technical Crew

1er Assistant director – Marie Martin

Director of Photography – Jérémie McCarthy

Sound Director – Guilhem Paget Latger

Production manager – Philippe Malcor de Pierrefeu

Assistant production manager – Flavio Bohm

Editor – Mathilde Fénétrier

Colouring – Mathilde Fénétrier

Sound editor – Guilhem Paget Latger

Original music – Bernard Esposito & Michel Kolly

Horses consultants : Chloé & Benjamin Michel


Irène Fabry in the role of Thérèse

Manuel Aragon in the role of Pablo/Pierre