About us

We created Woooz Pictures, an independent company, in 2018 to produce films. Feature film as Documentary films, that’s what animated us and that’s what brought us together. What motivates us is to work with creators and artists.


We look for new original stories to be communicated to the public, and we aspire to explore new ways of telling them. It is our way of questioning the present and awakening consciousness.


We seek to be present in different genres: fiction, documentary or animation; specialize in theater format and new formats; build bridges between different ways of production and distribution.

Vietnam … Algeria … Philippines… Saudi Arabia … the influence of our personal origins and our cultural mix accompanies our choice of projects. We seek to establish strong links, both creative and financial, on an international scale.

With its independence, Woooz Pictures strives to give voice to diversities but also to minorities. We wish to make resound all the points of view put forward by artists, authors and directors. From fiction, documentary or animation, the immortalized images, often metaphors of our reality, must resonate with a wide audience and transcend borders.


The art of storytelling must be both unique and exemplary. We strive to exercise this Art with its time. Woooz Pictures positions itself in a responsible approach towards the environment, but also the respect of parities in the sole regard of the competence of each one.

Investing in the content that matters allows stories to come to life and survive through the ages, generations and times. As a reflection of yesterday’s images, the choice of today’s images helps to advance the world of each individual, the world of a community and, more broadly, society as a whole.

Woooz Pictures is member of APIFA.

Late 2023, Woooz Pictures’s team welcomes Melody Arnaud !