Our Fictions Projects

Feature film | In development

In the rural savannah of Zimbabwe, the paths of two sisters, Chipo and Mavis, radically change when the national park which their village borders begins to solely hire women to fight back the poaching.


Short film | In production - Shooting Oct. 2022

A group of jealous rappers. A racist old yab. A greedy brother. A woman in love with his brother. They all live in Plaine des Palmistes. They don’t all know each other. Yet they will have to choose whether or not to entrust their destiny into the hands of a Diviner, Monsieur CARON.
For generations, a mysterious curse has been affecting the Diviner’s young boys, and the only cure is a very special offering.

Short film | In development

Ewen is 20 years old. Before leaving for Africa on a humanitarian mission, he goes to Sète for his grandfather’s birthday. While the party was supposed to be a family affair, he finds himself alone with him. They will have to live together for a few days, discover each other and even appreciate each other.

Short film | Complete

Therese lives alone in her house in the Camargue. She raises horses and bulls. Pierre, a young man in his thirties, introduces himself to her; he is looking for an internship with the horses. Who recommended this stable to him? A guy named Pablo. Thérèse shuddered when she heard this name: her son, whom she never saw again because his spouse had kidnapped him after his birth, bore this name. Pierre confirms: his roommate introduced himself as his son. Thérèse may be very ill, but she accepts this intern, hoping to learn more about her son.

Short film | In post-production

Paris, October 1926. The poet André Breton meets in the street a young woman who calls herself Nadja. He is immediately intrigued by her. They begin a relationship before cooperating to write a book. Nadja fascinates Breton, and then she begins to scare him with her strange visions. He separates from her without being able to forget her. Nadja sinks into madness and haunts Breton.

Short film | Complete

A short film about immigrations with a fantastic genre film approach.

Short film | In development

A young boy who helps his mother with her small business, discovers a big secret through one of the clients that tears his life apart. Based on a true Story

Short film | In Post-production

Antoine is a nine-year-old child with autism. His perception of the world is both strange and wonderful. His sister, she doesn’t know how to deal with him. Together, they will share adventures that will push them to find a way to communicate.

Short film | In development

2025, due to a combination of circumstances, Frank Morrison, a Rock journalist, finds himself in a spaceship bound for Mars in the place of astronaut Thomas Pesquet. During this unexpected trip, Morrison will have to face the man he really is. Will he be able to put his feet back on Earth by landing on Mars?

Short film | In development

Franck, a man who is afraid of everything, is forced to face his phobias to meet the CEO of his company in a big city. Will he survive his journey with a variety of hazards and take anxiolytics to cope with the stress?

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